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Trilogy 925 Integrated Amplifier
Trilogy 925 Integrated Amplifier

Trilogy 925 Integrated Amplifier

The Trilogy 925 integrated amplifier has strength in depth that will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. It takes the integrated concept a significant step forward to deliver an involving musical performance that is truly memorable.

At the heart of the 925 you will find many of Trilogy’s award winning technologies. The balanced input stage uses the 6H6П super tube to provide pure triode Class A, zero feedback voltage gain of exceptional linearity. The output stage has our unique zero feedback MOSFET and bipolar topology in a bridge configuration for 135w of power with impressive control.

The amplifier is fully symmetrical inside and out. Unlike many other amplifiers claiming to be balanced, the signal positive and signal negative are never tied to ground in the 925. A powerful and fully customisable input management system also interfaces with the outside world and other Trilogy products via TASlink.


The 925 design elements are all brought together seamlessly into an amplifier of superlative quality. It will serve music with a light, transparent touch and controlled, effortless agility. 

Standard finish is a soft, finely bead blasted natural aluminum. You can also choose one of our lustrous paint finishes at extra cost, or take advantage of the Chameleon Colour System which opens up a whole rainbow of custom finish possibilities.


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 Size  445*430*127 (W*D*H)
 Size including connectors etc  445*485*138 (W*D*H)
 Packaged Size  590*610*250 (W*D*H)
 Weight  25.5 Kg
 Packaged Weight  30.5 Kg
 Inputs (single ended)  3 RCA phono sockets, 1 on 3.5mm stereo jack
 Inputs (balanced)  3 XLR 3 pin female
 Input Impedance (single ended)  Greater than 42K Ohms
 Input Impedance (balanced)  Greater than 84K Ohms
 Input sensitivity  600mV RMS for rated output
 Send (Tape) Outputs  1 RCA phono sockets
 Rated Power (8 Ohms)  135 Watts per channel
 Frequency Response  10Hz-50KHz +/- 0.5dB
 Distortion  Less than 1% A weighted at rated output
 Phase  Phase correct (non inverting)
Specification subject to change

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