Dual 504 Turntable
Dual 504 Turntable

Dual 504 Turntable

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Great turntable that really performs, classic look and great sound. 


rive: precision flat belt for flywheel drive

Motor: Dual 8-pole synchronous motor

Starting time: 2s to 33.33rpm

Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, detachable, 1.3kg, 304mm

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Pitch control adjustment: 1 semitone (6%)

Speed control: with stroboscope for all speeds

Wow and flutter: +-0.09%

Rumble: >62dB

Tonearm: torsion-resistant tubular aluminium tonearm in four point gimbal bearing

Effective length: 221mm

Stylus pressure: 0-3g

Cartridge holder: removable for 1/2" cartridges from 5.5 to 10g

Adjustable overhang: 5mm