Pioneer 909

Pioneer 909

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The Pioneer RT-909 3-motor deck, with auto reverse / repeat playback and many more features, takes the open-reel format another important and impressive step ahead of anything available in the cassette format.

You're going to sense this the moment you see it, and hear it, in action. Features? It's another loaded deck from Pioneer. It not only accepts the conventional 7 inch reels, but also the professional size 10.5 inch diameter reels.

It gives an exceptionally wide frequency range of 20Hz to 28kHz (± 3dB) and, to match this outstanding performance, gives low wow / flutter of 0.04% or better, with both specifications measured at the 7.5 ips tape speed.

It mixes microphone inputs and line inputs, another advanced professional feature. And it allows instant comparison between the tape and the original, as well as azimuth adjustments of the heads. Add up all of this Pioneer perfection and there's no doubt that the RT-909 is made for the person who has major musical ambitions and strongly professional tastes.