McIntosh C33 Preamp
McIntosh C33 Preamp
McIntosh C33 Preamp

McIntosh C33 Preamp

The Mclntosh C 33 is a super quality, high performance Stereo Preamplifier. Its design has been governed by insistence on great flexibility, versatility, low distortion and high performance with long life. The C 33 provides many features for your listening enjoyment. They include:

1. a dual preamplifier system with separate listen and record program lines, which allows listening to one program source while recording from a different independent program source.

2. a low noise electronic input switching system, which uses dual field effect transistors (FETs) and short signal leads to give great source to source isolation, low distortion, and freedom from noise and hum pickup.

3. two, seven source, input selector switches for 3 tape decks, 2 turntables, 1 tuner, and 1 auxiliary, which allow independent source selection for listening and recording.

4. an electronic record monitor switch, which allows the record program line to be heard through the main listen output.

5. a five band program equalizer, which permits the adjustment and improvement of the loudness contrast of the five most important frequency ranges. Each band can be emphasized or deemphasized to satisfy your listening taste. The program equalizer can be switched to either the listen or record program lines. This allows equalizing the record output signal to tape recorders or equalizing the main listening output.

6. a precision volume control, which is electronically trimmed during manufacture to maintain channel to channel accuracy to better than 1 decibel (dB). This high order of accuracy assures continuing program balance as the listening volume is changed.

7. an active circuit loudness control, which is electrically independent of the volume control. Close conformity to the Fletcher-Munson equal loudness curves can be attained regardless of the volume control position.

8. high and low frequency filters, which reduce high frequency noise and low frequency rumble at a 12 dB per octave roll off rate.

9. a compandor, which permits expansion or compression of the dynamic range of program material from either the record tape output or the main listen output. Compressed recordings and broadcasts can be expanded on playback to restore their dynamic range. Tapes can be recorded using compression and replayed using expansion to increase signal-to-noise ratio.

10. front panel tape recorder jacks, which allow simple plug-in of an additional tape recorder without disconnecting your regular system. This makes tape copying to a portable recorder very convenient.

11. a tape recording program line, which makes it very easy to record phono, tuner, or auxiliary on up to 3 recorders at the same time (4 recorders when using the front panel tape recorder jacks) or to copy from recorder to recorder. Recording operations do not interfere with the separate listen program line.

12. an automatic AC power control circuit, which can conveniently turn off the entire stereo system when the turntable turns off.

13. a built-in monitor amplifier, which provides 20 watts per channel power output and includes the Mclntosh patented Power Guard protection circuit. The monitor amplifier can be operated from the listen program line, the record program line, or independently from a separate external source.

14. two front panel headphone jacks, which are powered by the internal monitor amplifier.

15. two speaker output pushbuttons, which control the operation of two sets of loudspeakers (when used with the optional SCR-2 speaker control relay) or two sets of power amplifiers.

16. electronically regulated power supplies, which maintain stable operation even during periods of low line voltage.