Over the decades, we continue to establish great relationships with our customers. Many of them recommend us to family and friends, and revisit our shop as a first stop for technical advice about audio and video equipment and new equipment purchases. We appreciate that loyalty and we work tirelessly to maintain it. The following notes speak to that loyalty and trust.

I have been a customer of HiFi Sound for almost 5 years now and I absolutely love the relationship I have built with the staff.
About 5 years ago I began the pursuit of building my hifi system and as most of us know, the world of hifi can be daunting due to the vast amount of products on the market today.
The beautiful thing about the Minneapolis area is its a hot bed of HiFi and a buyers paradise to shop local. I looked at a few different shops around town because I wanted to find the right sales guy who was going to take care of me , get me into a system that was affordable and that I could build on for a lifetime. I found that working with Terry at HiFi Sound was just easy. I never felt like I was being talked down to by a snobby HiFi salesman trying to sell me snake oil. Terry talked to me about the end goal of my system and laid out a game plan
to build the system.Terry set me up in a listening room multiple times and left me alone to listen and make my own decisions on gear.
I ended up with a McIntosh MC 275 tube amp and kept adding gear every few months. Next was a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp, VPI Classic Turntable , a McIntosh D100 DAC and a slew of Nordost cabling, and ending with a pair of B&W 802Diamond speakers.
Terry understood that a new pair of speakers were a stretch for me and as soon as a great deal came along he didn't hesitate to call.
If you are looking for great advice, cool products and in those most joyous moments a partner in crime to help craft a dream system, HiFi Sound is your place.

Kenny R.


I’ve been a repeat customer of HiFi Sound Electronics' for more than 30 years. The owner and his staff are knowledgeable, credible, honest professionals, where “service after the sale” really means something. Check them out—you won’t be disappointed.