Owning high-end audio/video equipment:

Places you among a discrete group of aficionados who enjoy realism in audio and video reproduction. By carefully selecting your components and setting them up in an acoustically friendly environment, the nuances from your entertainment sources are revealed as if they were mastered for your space.To maintain that peak performance level, maintenance may be required. Proper maintenance should not be viewed as a negative, but as a way to maintain optimal equipment performance.
For example, tube equipment requires vacuum-tubes biasing to maintain peak performance. Additionally, with usage and aging electronics and mechanical components can degrade or vary from their design specs over time. This degradation may affect sound or visual quality, or the mechanical performance of the equipment. Hence, it’s predictable that maintenance or repair may be necessary at some point, and that’s where we come in.

HiFi Sound Electronics is the warranty stop for the brands we carry; also, an out-of-warranty service stop for any high-end audio/video equipment maintenance or repair needs. Our technically astute professional staff can perform essential maintenance, along with the diagnosis and repair of newer as well as vintage audio/video equipment. When it comes to service, you can be assured that your treasured audio/video components will receive the highest care and attention. Once serviced, be confident that your equipment will meet not only the manufacturer specifications, but yours as well. Contact Us for all your high-end audio/video equipment service needs.
Other Standalone Services
In addition to hardware repair, we provided other standalone services
such as:

  • Cat Series Wiring
  • TV Calibration
  • TV and Soundbar Mounting and Connecting
  • Remote Control Programming
  • Resolving Home Automation and Integration issues, and much more.

Tell us your issue and we’ll provide a solution. Contact us at 612.339.6351.