New & Discounted Products/Consignments/Closeouts

HiFi Sound Electronics affords you considerable savings on closeout, demo, and consignment audio gear. Closeout and demo products may be a new display or demo model. All products are fully tested by our technical staff to ensure conformance to manufacturers’ specifications for peak performance. CLICK any image to enlarge it.

Due to vendor agreements, some demo products cannot be listed here. Please give us a call at 612-339-6351 for all available models and prices.



VPI Prime Signature: Just in!


B&W T7: Big sound from this compact Blue Tooth speaker from Bowers and Wilkins. Rechargeable lithium battery gives you 18 hours of great listening. $349.00


VPI Scout jr.: Get that Classic VPI sound at a budget price. $1699.


McIntosh MP 100: New product from Mac in stock. Phono pre, USB, coax and fiber optic digital outputs. $2000.00


Auralic Altair: New product arrival. Auralics newest combination streaming hub and DAC in one chassis. $1999.00


Auralic Vega DAC: On display for audition with the Auralic Aries streaming hub.


Auralic Aries: Powerhouse streaming hub, up to Quad DSD. On display for audition with the Auralic Vega DAC.


Dynaudio Contour S 1.4LE: The Contour S1.4 LE in high gloss Mocca veneer with matching stands.  Beautiful looks and they sound great. Also on display from Dynaudio the Excite x18, Excite x34, Excite x38 and the Xeo 2 wireless speaker system.


Brodmann Acoustics Festival 2: Available for audition, this beautifully made and incredible sounding speaker from Austria.  

MIT Cables 50% off: All remaining new in box MIT speaker cables and interconnects 50% off.


Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner: We have the Audio Desk vinyl cleaner on display. Uses a combination of fluid based cleaning combined with ultra sonic sound waves. Makes your noisy vinyl like new again. FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALE..... APRIL 1st to APRIL 26th, 2017. SPECIAL PRICING..... $3399.00


Nottingham Interspace Junior: The Nottingham turntables are back! Nottingham Interspace Junior.Handmade in England.


Nottingham Space 294: The Nottingham turntables are back! Space 294 with Ace Space 12" tonearm. Handmade in England.  


Alta Audio Rhea loudspeaker: New arrival ! Alta Audio Rhea ! 5 inch ribbon tweeter,7 inch mid woofer, over 90db efficient.Amazing tonal balance, great imaging, deep articulate bass. $4500/pair  

Thorens Turntables!: Now in stock, new Thorens Turntables. TD 158 TD 190 TD 240-2 Priced starting at $499 complete with cartridge. Set up and ready to go.


McIntosh C22: New all tube McIntosh vintage reissue. Classic looks, modern construction. MM and MC phono stage !



B&W A7: Bowers and Wilkins best sounding AirPlay speaker. Our demo , last one at this price. Full warranty, sorry, no box. $499.00. List price was $799.


Harmon Kardon Citation 3 Tuner

Harmon Kardon Citation 111 tuner: Vintage tube tuner... $299.00


Scott 350B: Vintage Scott tuner. Two available... With out wood case....$299.00 With wood case......$375.00


Sansui Tuners: Sansui TU 666 $169.00 Sansui TU 555 $129.00

Vintage Collection for sale!: We just received this collection ..... McIntosh: MR 67 $899 MR 71 $999 MR 78 $1499 Marantz: The famous 10B tuner....$3499. Quad 909...$899

Cassette Decks……..: Sony TCK 4A.......$149.00 Harmon Kardon CD 491...$299.00 Harmon Kardon 400XM....$499.00 Tandberg 3014A.....$749.00

Yamaha CT 410: Tuner, analog dial. $99.00

NAD 412 tuner: Digital tuner. $99.00

Parasound P5 pre amp: Solid state pre amp. MM and MC phono stages, black finish. $599.00

Boston Acoustics VR30: Floor standing pair in black. $99.00

Paradigm Monitor 7: Early version, oak finish on this floor standing pair. $149.00

McIntosh 2100: 1970's vintage Mac solid state power amp. Very nice condition, just through our shop. 105 watts /channel. $725.00

Vintage Dual Turntables: These sought after vintage Dual tables are in beautiful cosmetic condition and mechanically refurbished like new! Dual 1219 with dust cover...$399 Dual 1215S.......$329

McIntosh MR 510: Vintage am/fm tuner. $499.00


Dual 1215 S: Vintage Dual Turntable, wooden base, this table has been refurbished mechanically. $329.00


Mcintosh MR 71 tuner: Classic FM tuner from Mac. Tube design, walnut case, very nice condition. $1199.00

Blue Circle BC23 phono preamp: Silver finish. $599.00

McIntosh C 50 preamp: Mint, box, all packing as new. Originally sold by us. $4250.00

Audio Research PH7: All tube phono stage, great condition. Box and packing. $3299.00

Dynavector 75: Phono preamp, MC and MM. $299.00

Thiel Smart Sub: Powered subwoofer. Black finish. $1299.00

Paradigm surround speakers: Studio ADP 590 surround speaker pair, black. $449


White Noise Audio: Custom made phono pre amp by White Noise Audio in the UK. Solid state, battery power supply. Moving coil only. 70db gain. Dual mono design. $999.00

Meadowlark Heron i: The famous Heron I is here. Great condition on this floor standing pair in oak. $2500/pair

Magnum Dynalab FT 11: Stereo FM tuner. $499.00

Threshold SA2: Mono amp pair. 100 watts of pure Class A power. $2999/pair

Threshold SA 1: Mono amp pair. 160 watts of pure Class A power. $3999/pair


BAT VK 5 cd player: Tube output stage CD player by Balanced Audio Technology. Great condition, all metal remote control. Priced at $995.00. Sold new for $4500.

Teac A1500 W: Reel to reel, nice condition. $349.00


Nakamichi ZX7: Beautiful condition top line 3 head cassette deck. $749.00

Sunfire Theater Grande MK111: Surround preamp processor. Nice condition, remote included . $699.00 PRICE REDUCED....$499.00

B&W Panorama: High end sound bar for your flat screen . $499.00


VINYL !: Great selection of high quality used vinyl .


Classe CP 700: Stereo pre amp. $3299.00


Verity Audio Sarastro…serial numbers:


Verity Audio Sarastro….rear view:


Verity Audio Sarastro: Mint condition Verity Audio Sarastro speaker pair. Deep piano black finish. Custom fitted Anvil flight cases included.$30,0000 new, for sale at $14,999/pair.


B&W HTM 7: Center channel speaker, black ash finish. $399.00

Arcam DV 139: CD/DVD player. $999.00

Acurus A 250: Power amp , 250 watts/channel. $499.00