Home Entertainment Space Designs & Installation

You’re thinking home theater, media room, or all purpose room; you have some ideas but there are many things to consider technically and financially. That’s where we come in. We can help you make the best decisions for your already identified or imagined entertainment space.

Constructing an entertainment space that reflects your vision is no different than building a house: the possibilities are limitless, constrained only by one’s imagination and regrettably, the budget. However, in the arena of home entertainment space design, the wide range of choices can certainly make the process a bit unwieldy throughout. That ultimately leads to one question, which design elements are right for me?

Our process: We come to your location and interactively listen to your wants and needs, and then cover every conceivable topic related to your proposed space. We will discuss and propose options, and provide you with information about those options; also, explain the logic behind the products needed to accomplish the design.

Our goal: To help you understand how your physical space and the technology choices that you make are interdependent. For example, you may not fully realize that design elements such as room size, hard surfaces, seating, screen size, speaker placement, and projector throw distance are interrelated; therefore, important for achieving the best possible results. We will explain that interrelationship.

Home Automation Technologies

As to automation products, you should understand the technologies involved, and how to set them up and use them. There are numerous types of communication protocols used in these products to communicate with each other and their controllers—some are wired; some are wireless, while others are a combination of both. We can simplify your navigation to the best decision about those technologies. Our know-how includes:

  • Music anywhere
  • Networks
  • Service after the sale
  • Lighting control
  • Phone and intercom
  • Much more
  • Climate and shades
  • Structured wiring
After your space is completed, we are confident that it will be the place where you, family, and friends will truly love being to relax, revitalize, and enjoy. So Contact Us, we will be delighted to discuss possibilities with you.

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