Generally, there are three types of entertainment spaces that home owners seek to establish for their families and friends to enjoy:

  • Dedicated home theater
  • Media rooms
  • Multipurpose rooms


Dedicated home theater

Submerge one’s self in a dedicated home theater where outside noises are exiled and the superior, life-sized picture and surround sounds will envelop you is an enjoyable experience.

With a dedicated theater, the space can potentially contain:

  • High-end electronics: A/V receiver/discrete components, projector, very large screen, etc.
  • Speaker options: floor standing, on-wall, in-wall, in the ceiling, or completely hidden.
  • Acoustical panels and sound proofing based on acoustic calibration for superior sound.
  • A visual ceiling and quality designed theater chairs, etc.
  • Automation: Remote control lighting, room darkening from a single controller.

Regardless the size of your space, its configuration or your budget, a dedicated home theater is an exclusive space designed for you, your family, and friends to enjoy cinematic experiences.

Media room

During the day, media rooms are livable and comfortable spaces with electronics that are discretely integrated. When you are ready to transform the room, the TV or projector can be revealed, for a place where you can watch movies, sports, or play video games.

The media room can be as basic or elaborate as one would like, with many of the same options as a home theater, such as combined aesthetics and convenience:

  • All room electrical and electronics can be controlled from a single device.
  • Hidden in-wall speakers and artwork can conceal the flat-screen TV.
  • DElectronics can be staged inside furniture or custom built cabinetry until ready to use.
  • Movies can be viewed via DVD, a media server, or on-demand via DirecTV, Netflix, Cable, or AppleTV.


Multipurpose room

A multipurpose room is usually created when space is at a premium; where you can add theater components, but still use the space for other purposes (small office, guest room, etc.). There might be a projection screen/projector combo or flat-screen TV in the space. The primary functionality and decor of the room can be seamlessly maintained with state-of-the-art and stylish home theatre options.

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