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You have an interest in superb music reproduction, but you don’t want to make costly mistakes, or get something unreliable or disappointing when you buy. You want the best sound for your dollars. Given that scenario, your first choice has to be HiFi Sound Electronics.

We think most people want the most for their money! In audio, that means audio components that are reliable and interpret music accurately at a variety of price points. We have a six-decade history of partnering with companies that produce dependable, well-built audio components that interpret music accurately. That may sound ho-hum, but the results are not! Listening to music is enjoyable, especially when the music sounds truer to its source. Now, to prove that, bring in your favorite music or just yourself and see how much fun you can have.

What our customers say about us:



B&W P5 Headphones:

  • tight seal
  • built-in mic for (iPhone calls)
  • volume control
  • compatibility iPhones & iPods
  • carrying case

Turntables/Tonearms/ Cartridges

Music Hall mmf 2.2le:

  • two speeds: 33/45
  • belt driven
  • dust cover & 45
  • cartridge mounted &
    properly aligned

CD Players

Marantz SA8005 Super Audio
CD Player & DAC:

  • numerous playback formats
    CD, MPS, USB
  • fully discrete headphone
  • remote control

Vinyl Records


Sonus Faber Venere 2.0:

  • pwr handling 50/200W
  • front port
  • fabric dome tweeter
  • 7″mid-woofer
  • bi-wiring & bi-amplifying
  • stands (optional)


Rotel RA 1570 Integrated

  • 120Wpc 8-ohm
  • USB/iPod® digital signals
  • coaxial & optical digital signals
  • PC-USB input
  • phono input (mm)
  • line level inputs (RCA) &


Nordost 2 Flat Speaker

  • very low inductance & capacitance
  • 2 x flat rectangular conductors
  • teflon® jacket

AM/FM Music Systems

Tivoli Music System 2:

  • FM RDS & AM, bluetooth wireless technology
  • integrated, down-firing powered subwoofer
  • auto-set digital clock with battery back-up
  • full-function remote control

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